How to Find a Structural Engineer

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The selection of a structural engineer is a critical component to the construction, operational efficiency and overall cost of the structure. choosing the right structural engineer will help you come up with a cost-effective, tailored retrofit plan that’s right for your property.


In structural engineering, competence comes from education, skills, the ability to apply those skills to specific situations, and previous experience. Education is acquired through a four-year degree from an accredited university and a chartered Structural Engineer status is achieved after passing a formal examination.


Once you have determined that your potential engineer is fully qualified you should look at experience.

Does the person proudly state how long they’ve been in the business? Are testimonials from other homebuilders readily available? Has this person completed projects similar to what you need?

Construction knowledge

Although the structural engineer’s job does not include physically building the structure, it is imperative that they understand construction processes. A good engineer will ensure “constructability” meaning that the structure will not be unnecessarily difficult to build and will be built properly.

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